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Child Care for Babies (6 Weeks - 1 Year) in Louisville

At Logan’s Treehouse, we know that sending your baby away for the first time can be difficult. The mission of our infant care program is to give parents peace of mind by having a skilled and dedicated team of early childhood educators take care of your baby when you’re away.

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Benefits of Infant Daycare:

  • Regular schedule and routine: Having a daily schedule can help young children sleep better, follow healthy nutritional patterns, and learn prosocial behavior.
  • Nutrition and care: Our experienced child care professionals will take care of your infant’s diapering and feeding needs.
  • Social interaction: Infant daycare offers a great opportunity for babies to interact with their peers in a structured and safe environment.
  • Academic preparation: Introducing children to an educational environment when they are young sets them up for a smoother transition to kindergarten.
  • Better health: Several pediatric studies have demonstrated that children who go to day care from a young age have stronger immune systems.
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Learning Begins in Infancy

As a top-rated daycare in Louisville, we offer a comprehensive infant care program. Our loving, experienced staff aims to ensure that your little one has a seamless transition from the budding curiosity of babyhood to the relentless exploration of being a toddler. In our infant care program, your little one will be taught age-appropriate social activities and encouraged to make friends with their classmates through structured playtime. They will learn to harness and master new skills that include fine and gross motor skills through the many fun and educational activities we incorporate into their days.

If you have a child six weeks of age or older (or if you’re expecting one soon!), then we welcome you to take a tour of Logan’s Treehouse. You can take a look at the bright, happy environment your baby will spend his or her days in, meet our teachers, ask questions, and address any concerns you might have. We take newborn child care seriously, and all our teachers go through extensive training to ensure the health and safety of your precious baby. We look forward to meeting you!

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